The End Is Coming
Several books and movies detail glimpses of what the end of the world looks like.  Between nuclear warfare, pandemics or biological warfare, natural disasters, and climate change, there are many events that could be a cause of our demise. We as a human race have consistently looked for the answer to the question, “Why?” It’s not the why that matters, it's the “How?” As we search for purpose, life will go on and the earth will still spin. Until it doesn’t. The extinction of the human race is inevitable. Decay outlines a prediction of the impending future and what it holds for all life on Earth, and the planet itself. Seek out Decay, before you’re gone. 
My Contributions
> Art Direction
> Naming
> Publication Design
> Image Manipulation
> Copywriting
> Advertising Campaign ​​​​​​​
Advertisement Campaign: Mankind, Available For A Limited Time Only
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