Advocating for Indigenous Sovereignty
The land the United States resides on is stolen. Indigenous Nations were forcefully uprooted, cultures, languages, and lands were lost – and continue to be lost by the lasting effects of colonization. By advocating for Indigenous Sovereignty this campaign works to combat false narratives about Indigenous people by using historical U.S. figures and their actions.
My Contributions
– Art Direction – Naming – Awareness Campaign Image Manipulation – Copywriting
Christopher Columbus is known for "discovering" North America, he was the first Spaniard to come into contact with the Taínos. He and his men spread disease and enslaved those they encountered. 
Former U.S. President Andrew Jackson, his role in The Trail of Tears resulted in a cultural genocide as Indigenous Nations were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands.
Former U.S. President and Founding Father George Washington, also known as the "Land Destroyer" to the Haudenosaunee Nation after the Sullivan Expedition in 1779. The massacre resulted in the plundering and burning of over 40 towns.

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