Reinterpret Night-time Wakefulness
Prevailing norms of the 9-5 workday cause major sleep deprivation and conflict with the natural circadian rhythm of the human body. Be rebellious and cynical, and break out of the expected routine. The struggling insomniac is searching for a new remedy to their unsound or sleepless nights, this publication won’t be curing their sleeplessness, but offering a new perspective on what a good night’s sleep is. By reducing sleep deprivation with changes in their sleeping patterns, insomnia can become coveted leisure time for an individual. Circadian will introduce segmented sleep as an alternative solution to their insomnia, reinterpreting midnight wakefulness as a completely normal, even helpful, human behavior. 
My Contributions
– Art Direction – Naming – Publication Design – Copywriting – Image Manipulation – Type Manipulation

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